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Booking your print is easy : you only have to complete the form below. You should receive a quotation within 48h following your submission. In the quotation, you’ll find :

  • Issue number (based on the first number available when submitting the form)
  • the price (depending of the issue number, the size and the support)
  • shipment fees
  • payment information


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Terms and Conditions

    • The payment is made by cheque (France only) or by bank transfer
    • Your reservation remains valid only during the 10 calendar days following its submission, in which payment much be received (are deemed authentic : delivery date for payment by cheque, official emission notice – you can send it by e-mail – or reception notice for bank transfers). After this deadline, the proposed price won’t be guaranteed and the book will be canceled, with no notification from me.
    • Unless otherwise noted, shipment is made within the 3 weeks following the payment, via Colissimo Suivi (International for Europe and out of Europe). I’ll give you the tracking number at the time the package will be sent.
    • I cannot be held responsible for any damages on the package or its content during the shipment
    • The information you give in the booking form are exclusively used for processing the order and accounting activities. They won’t be disclosed to any third-party, except, where applicable, for possible legal or judicial constraints.

The authenticity certificate delivered with your print is an unique and non-reproductible specimen. I’ll keep no digital or physical record of it. However, although its value is lower, the invoice received with your print can be deemed, where applicable, as authentic.