Welcome to Lawra’s Casa and thank you for your interest !

My name is Laure Chevalier, I live in Limoges, France. I have worked as an Intranet software developer in a retail bank for over a decade, while my spare time has been mainly devoted to art creation, in one form or another.

More than a simple showcase for my interest and progress in creating artworks, Lawra’s Casa is also a digital home for sharing my universe.

In the Studio, you’ll find my latest creations as well as the remnants of my former life as a self-taught and volunteer designer.
Some of the artworks in the Fine Art Section are available for print in individually-numbered series, please ask.

The Media Library section is a cheerful mess that allows you to see how the various universes of my life touch, inspire and interest me in in further arts, such as music, reading, the sciences, etc.

In Outside section, you’ll find memories of past travels that have influenced and inspired me.

Finally, the Salon covers all of this and more, including some (hopefully) regular drawing activities.

That’s it ! Feel free to contact me for further information (contact form below).

Enjoy your visit !


Legal notes and operating rules

Laure Chevalier : Graphic artist, SIRET 81018882100013 – Limoges (87) – France

Comments that are racist, xenophobic, homophobic, extremist in nature (regardless of allegiance), political, trolling, rudeness, scammers and spammers will find their comments removed.

Copyright: Unless stated otherwise, all images are my property. Please contact me for permission to use them as I will allow it under certain conditions. Unauthorised usage, as in without my express persmission, will be dealt with appropriately